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Excellence certificate

This year again, we welcome the Excellence Certificate by tripadvisor.

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Year after year, our customers acknowledge the high quality of our team hotel and restaurant services.

Stylish, charming …

" one of our favorite hotels ever, and maybe n°1..."

Review posted on Trip Advisor on 8th June 2013

“Stylish , Charming…Outstanding”


Cap de Castel is everything that you would wish for in a small, boutique hotel.

All the rooms are individually designed and effortlessly combine the architecture of a beautiful old building with stylish, modern design flair and personal touches. Breakfast and dinner were both exceptional, with the option of dining either in the restaurant or on the terace with views to the Pyrenees. Best of all, though, is the fact that this is a family run business where the people really care about their guests. If you are travelling in this area – and you should, because the countryside is stunning – a stay at Cap de Castel is an absolute must. Definitely one of our favourite hotels ever, and maybe no. 1.

Luxurious, tranquil…

" the attention to detail is sublime..."

Review posted on Trip Advisor on 5h July 2013

“Luxurious Relaxing Tranquil Heaven”


This hotel is beautifully located in the quiet hill top large village of Puylaurens. The views from thepool terrace are stunning. The hotel’s rooms have been finished to the highest of standards with incredible taste and decor. The attention to detail is sublime, you will not want to leave. This is somewhere to spoil yourself and is well worth paying the extra price to experience.